Touching Isis

Finding Blue

Discovered a dead butterfly in the garden.

So beautiful and dusty as fragility..... up with your spirit marsh maiden!

Hand behind glass caressing a wasp's nest.

Honoring the spirit of Grandfather Goldfish

Found Duck Feathers with Natures Green N Blue

Found a Lady Bug

Finding Sun Catchers

Found a Tiny Toad on the Driveway

Finding a Red and White Banded Rock in BayField Ontario

Finding Wonderful Natural Colors @ Point Peelee

Finding Green

Finding a Fox Snake

Finding My Hand Print as Art

Finding a Cow Fish

Finding a Moose Skull

Finding a Young Toad

Caught a grasshopper

Finding a Garter Snake

Finding a Mantis

Finding a Pair of Cicada Mating

Finding a Young Bullfrog

Finding an Even larger Mantis.

Finding a Future Butterfly

Finding a Bullfrog on a highway and bringing him home to set him free into the marsh.

Finding the Ring that Opens the Box

Finding a Fragment of a Plastic Factory

Got the Key, Now to find a Lavatory.....you see...when in Rome, One needs to use coins for necessary Things within Life.

Found a Bug with a Trillion Legs


Finding a Snye River Dweller in Spring Thaw.

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