Tree Sculpture to utilize reflections (2003)
Image Captured with manual film camera
Film: Fuji RVP 100F developed on a Noristu Koki and then negs transferred to a Kodak picture CD

A (2003)

B (image 180) (2003)

C (2003)

D (Image 180) (2003)

E (2003)

F (2003)

Fresh Fallen Snow on BitterSweet (Study)

Found Objects Assembled

Snow Scribble on the Bottom of My Kayak #1

Snow Scribbles on the Bottom of my Kayak #2

Gothic Tree Bark

Chair for the Little People Upon a Moss Covered Stone

Study of found object interpreted as MAN WALKING. This is a 7ft dried tree branch with humanoid features. The head of the figure is a natural piece of split wood, yet I carved the nose with a saw. Marsh reed leaves have been stapled upon the head and around the neck.
the intent was to create an outdoor installation using natural occurring objects in nature.
Materials used: 1 row of staples and 2 wood screws

Study Of Man Walking
Date: 2008

Detail of Moose Horns

Moose Horns in a Snow Dune

Experimental Camera lens #3

Discovering Mother Earth

Forgotten On The Forest Floor

The Dreamer of Trees

The below 3 photo documents are capturing a sculpture using found objects to portray motherhood. It became very apparent during the hunting and gathering of the materials that the art making became inner tribal. Not till I had erected it in the forest, did it occur to me that this is my inner inherent tribal coming forth in the rhythm of making art.
The figure is all composed of natural pieces of wood and a broken angel and a few wood screws.
When viewing the metaphor for baby, it has no head...symbolizing that the baby has germinated inside the womans womb...yet the baby has not been named yet....thus no head, no identity....once mother and father comune on the realization of each created a baby.....then the parents dream together; the identity of the baby......and its born with a face.

The construction is 8ft high and is only 4 piecses of naturally formed wood.

Full View of MotherHood
Date: 2008

Experiment with laminating insect wings between 2 sheets of acrylic.
This is an attempt to create a new lens for my camera, where by I can shoot through and still acquire a background with layers.

Stones with Glass

Experimental Camera Lens #2

Study for tree growing through a snapping turtle shell

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